Refresh the groceryCrud table with emit

In laravel i am using livewire-table for a year and I were very used to it
but after the switch to Grocery crud Enterprise, my table is not updating on Emit
in past Code


this will update the table for the user
but this thing is missing in the Grocery
how I can refresh the data of the table without hitting manual
let me know please my project is need to be done before 1 april

for the backend i am using Websocket and pusher

Hello @manoj and welcome to our new forums :hugs:

The only work-around that I can think of is to trigger with an event listener the refresh of the table. As currently we don’t have a specific exposed listener to emit then you can do that with the below code:


For example in your case you can do something like this (just from reading the documentation of livewire please have in mind that I haven’t used it)

window.addEventListener('update_ordertable', event => {

Let me know if the above worked for you.