Step forward and back in View/Edit mode


I’m searching for a posibility to get a step forward and back in View and/or Edit Mode.
Is there a way/solution to get such actionbuttons?

I hope you understand my idea and my english. I know my english isn’t the best.

Best regards from Germany

Can you please show what you have tried so far? and explain better what you mean by step forward and back ?

Hello panv

No Problem

I have a list with a view and edit action

so when i klick i get the details in an Edit or detail-View

when i want to jump to the next entry i have to go back to the list and press there my view button.

for a better work i want a next entry button(action) on the edit/view page.

I hope you can understand better.

thx and regards

are you using GC version 1 or version 2 ?

I’m using 1.6.1 in the Project

The only way I can think of is to modify the views in the template you are using. Add custom buttons in your customized views, and create redirects to next / previous index. Please tell me if that works for you.