Ajax_list not found

Hi! First of all, thank you for such an amazing tool, it helped me a lot!

I’m facing a little problem with the bootstrap-v4 theme, anytime I try to filter, order or make a quick search in the table, it does nothing. The ‘Loading’ message appears for a second, and then nothing. Datatables theme is working perfectly, just happens with the bootstrap one.

Console is giving me this error:

I tried tracing it back, but since I’m kinda a newbie with CI / PHP I got lost at this point:


~line 3091

protected function state_url($url = ‘’, $is_list_page = false)
//Easy scenario, we had set the crud_url_path
if (!empty($this->crud_url_path)) {
$state_url = !empty($this->list_url_path) && $is_list_page?
$this->list_url_path :
$this->crud_url_path.‘/’.$url ;
} else {
//Complicated scenario. The crud_url_path is not specified so we are
//trying to understand what is going on from the URL.
$segment_object = $this->get_state_info_from_url();
$segment_position = $segment_object->segment_position;

        $state_url_array = array();
        $segments = explode('/', uri_string());

        if( sizeof($segments) > 0 ) {
            foreach($segments as $num => $value) {
                $state_url_array[$num] = $value;
                if($num == ($segment_position - 1)) {

        $operation = $url !== '' ? '/' . $url : '';

        $state_url =  site_url(implode('/',$state_url_array) . $operation);

    return $state_url;

I do think it has to do with my URI segments? But I have no idea how to solve it.