callbackAddForm missing?

Hey Guys, I was trying to use the callbackAddForm to pre-fill a field based on what was entered in the URL using a $_GET value.

I wanted to have some QR codes that store a URL which includes a field value.
However the callbackAddForm function doesn’t seem to be in the GrocreyCRUD library?

Is this function missing by design?


Hello @dan and welcome to our forums :hugs:,

This function is available only on Grocery CRUD Enterprise version. It seems that I’ve missed that at the documentation. Now I’ve updated the little icon at the menu and at the future I will probably also include a message at the top of the page so it will be more visible.

For your specific problem I would use the function callbackAddField for the specific field instead.


Hey Johnny, I see, thanks for that. I’ll try the AddField function.

Cheers :slight_smile: