Change button column width

Is there any option to configure the width of the button column? It happens that I have added an additional button and a drop down list appears but in the last record of the table the list is not displayed correctly.
¿Is it possible to display the 3 buttons without the drop-down list?

Best regards

Hello @Pedro ,

You can change this from the configuration max_action_buttons to more buttons. You can add a big number like 10 for mobile and desktop. More specifically something like this:

    'max_action_buttons' => [
        // usually in mobile it is better to keep one button but you can 
        // change mobile view having more buttons as well
        'mobile' => 1, 
        'desktop' => 10

For example if you use Codeigniter 4, the config file should be at: app/Config/GroceryCrud.php