Columns for the datagrid

Hello. I was used to using the Grocerycrud V1.X and on that version if I have a database table with two columns + id, Grocerycrud would render two columns. But, if I set in $crud->columns three, using a column that does not exists on the database table, the crud would render the three columns, with one of them with no data. But I could edit the data for this created column on the crus using the column callback function and I could use it.

I have tested the same thing on the ENTEPRISE version and if I add a column that not exists to the $crud->columns function it does not render the crud (crashes).

So, do we have a option to create that behavior on the ENTERPRISE version? This is very usefull to show custom columns that does not exists. What I am doing now is that I’m creating this fake columns in my database for me to be able to use them and then use the callback column to edit them achieving the same result as the V.1.x . But the V.1.X solution was better, I didn’t need to create extra database columns.

Please let me know if we have any different solution. Tks.