Disable bootstrap css?

Hi Johnny!

In previous versions of grocerycrud we could disable the bootstrap css loading with the unsetBootstrap().

I see this is removed from v3, how do I accomplish the same thing, the css in grocery crud is interfering with my current css

Hello @gabe152006,

As also mentioned here: Migrating from v2 to v3 | Grocery CRUD v3 but it is not that obvious:

We have removed the functions: unsetBootstrap , unsetJquery, unsetJqueryUi, unsetReact instead use the unsetCssTheme, unsetCssIcons, unsetCssThirdParty. Documentation to be updated soon.

So in your case you just need to add the below line:


I am adding a not here to update the documentation as it is not clear. I was also thinking that maybe this can be a configuration in the future. Let me know if that worked.