Display of files in crud


I use CodeIgniter 3 and Grocery Crud.

On Community Edition i was able to upload files and display them in the crud.

when the file in question was a picture, it automatically made an img tag and rendered it.

It doesn’t work like that anymore in GCE, i only get a link to the file.

By using a callbackColumn i was able to get somewhat of a result, the picture is displayed but the style is not what it used to be.

Maybe I just missed a simple option or callbackColumn is the only way.


Hello @DavidBinaud and welcome to our forums :hugs: ,

You haven’t missed anything no. I have removed it on purpose as it was sending too much data to the network for the CRUD. For example if an average photo image is 2MB, then a simple CRUD with 25 rows will do requests for 50MB and 25 unique requests. Another reason that I’ve removed it is that it was having a higher height of the row.

I maybe will have a configuration in the future to have it enabled or disabled. To be completely honest though I had in mind to implement Image CRUD (Image CRUD for Codeigniter) with Grocery CRUD Enterprise but I never found the time unfortunately :pensive: