Dropzone uploader appearance

as shown in the image i found upload field shown as dotted border without any placeholders inside it (like drop files here or any guided sentences to the user ) i donot know where is the problem? did i miss any css or js files when i make update to 3.12 version?

Hello @CodeGC ,

This seems like a translation missing at your end. Are you using any custom translation file?

If so you will need to also add the below translations:

    'drag_n_drop_file_multiple' => 'Drag and drop files here, or click to select files',
    'drag_n_drop_file_one' => 'Drag and drop file here, or click to select file',
   'remove_file' => 'Remove',
    'restore_deleted_file' => 'Restore deleted file',
    'restore_deleted_files' => 'Restore deleted files',
    'upload_error_only_one_file' => 'Only one file is allowed for upload. Please select a single file.',

Let me know if by adding those if this worked. If this is still not working then try to remove your browser application cache just to make sure that you are not using any cached version as per above screenshot (by pressing right click inspect element in chrome)


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yes it is working now… it is related to translation… thanks

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