Enterprise Custom Theme


I just installed the Enterprise version and I noticed that the front is build with react, the olders versions are made just with js and I can easily modify the front. I need to modify the front to fit the design to my admin template (list, buttoms, forms, ect) is there a way to do that in the Enterprise version?


Hello @omarloi and welcome to our forums :hugs:

Unfortunately there is not an easy way to customise the current version of Enterprise edition as it wasn’t designed initially for styling customisations. That’s the main reason that I am creating the version 3 which the frontend is designed to change by also providing a better theming support (but keep in mind that the theming will be in React JS).

For changing the frontend styling for now you have 2 options:

  1. Start changing the bootstrap css that Grocery CRUD Enterprise is providing. You will observe that all the classes are under the class name .gc-container so it is pretty safe to change the styling as it will only change the styling of Grocery CRUD (not the entire bootstrap site)
  2. Consider that hopefully at the end of this year, the version 3 will be available so you may schedule an update once this version is available. Consider though that this is just the plan of the roadmap. For more please check this blog post: Grocery CRUD 2022 | Grocery CRUD . Of course I understand that we all have bosses so if those 2 options are not good enough then unfortunately please ask for a refund as this may be a deal breaker for you (e.g. the expectations of this product was to change easily the theming)


I think I’ll wait for the version 3

Thanks for your reply Johnny!.