Error in javascript console

Thank you for this excellent library!

Using GroceryCrud Enterprise v2.9.6.0. It displays the following error in javascript console (developer tools):

You are currently using minified code outside of NODE_ENV === “production”. This means that you are running a slower development build of Redux. You can use loose-envify (hxxps:// for browserify or setting mode to production in webpack (hxxps:// to ensure you have the correct code for your production build.

in file: grocery-crud-v2.9.6.0c6f2a3.min.js:20

'environment' => 'production',
didn’t affect the error.

I think it would be important that there would not be any console errors in production.

Hello @expi and welcome to our forums :hugs:

One of the main reasons that I have created the version 3 of Grocery CRUD Enterprise (still not available but very soon I will release the first BETA) is that the frontend needed a full-refactor. For example for this specific issue there is not much I can do as we are relying on old depricated tools for the frontend build (e.g. before React was even invented!!). As currently I am focusing on releasing the version 3 (which will not have this issue) I will try to revisit this issue after the first deployment of version 3 which I will have more time.

Thanks for the feedback anyway :grinning:

If you are seeing an error in the JavaScript console of your web browser, it means that there is an issue with the JavaScript code running on your website. The error message in the console should provide some information about what the problem is.

  1. Syntax errors: These occur when there is a mistake in the JavaScript code syntax, such as a missing semicolon or a misplaced bracket.
  2. Reference errors: These occur when the code tries to access a variable or function that does not exist.
  3. Type errors: These occur when the code tries to use a value of the wrong type, such as trying to call a method on a number.