Error saving or editing newly added records

I have a table which has been working flawlessly with GC for many years. The application is CodeIgniter 3 with the latest version of Grocery Crud with the Bootstrap theme.

Suddenly -:
I cannot add a new record, I get an ‘error occurred on saving’ .
I can add a record successfully through phpMyAdmin (so I don’t think it’s a table or index problem)
I can edit and successfully save older records with Grocery Crud, but I cannot edit the record I added through phpMyAdmin. I get the same error as above.

I have dumped the data in the table and reloaded it. I have dropped and recreated the (Auto Increment) key field.

In summary. I can’t add new records. I can’t edit newer records. I can edit older records.
My table has circa 5,175 records.

Has anyone seen this before, or can offer a direction?

Thank you

Hello @JavaBean and welcome to our forums :hugs:,

Since this is the first time that I hear that, can you please give more info? Can you give more info about the error by sending the network response of the server?

You can do that with Right click → Inspect Element and then going to the network tab. There you will probably see an error on the response which is not visible. Usually it is as simple as a PHP notice or something so it is easy to understand.