Error when try grocery crud enterprise v 3.0.8

Hello. I just try GCE 3.0.8. I try to install it from the start, but i got error. It’s not showing anything.

it said 419 error.
Can you guys help me ?

i’m sure it’s CSRF problem, because it works when i “except” any routes.
example :

protected $except = [

i except “admin/customers-management” route, then it works.

Can anyone help me ? is it laravel or GCE problem ?


I try using laravel 9, it works ! Maybe it just laravel 10 problem.

i got another problem. Datetime picker error when using setMasterDetail, but it works when using not in setMasterDetail.

Can you help me ?

Hello @heruprambadi ,

For Laravel 10, have you included the following code?


I think this would resolve the issue that you have.

Also for the CSS, I will have it a look and let you know.


yes it works ! Thanks johnny. It will be good think to add this on Laravel 10 installation documentation.

Documentation updated :white_check_mark: :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback: Install Grocery CRUD Enterprise in Laravel 10 | Grocery CRUD v3

Also for the CSS issue on master detail, this is a bug and it will be fixed on 3.0.9

Hello @heruprambadi ,

The 3.0.9 is now deployed and it is also fixing the CSS issues that you had with the date on master detail datagrid.


I faced a problem to get master key(id) on the detail crud… the example use POST but the route URL ask for get for detail crud… can you show full example with route URL using CodeIgniter 4 ?

also i noticed that you call PHP file on URL … can i call other function on the same file or i have to put detail crud on separate file?