[Feature Request] GroceryCrud->getVersion()

I’m print on my development and quality sites footer the versions of core components (like codeigniter), so I can see at a glance what version I am and if I “need” to update or if a function I’m using is available or not.
is it possible to have a getVersion() also for Grocery Crud please?


Hello @Phil ,

You can get the Grocery CRUD version from

$version = GroceryCrud::VERSION;

unfortunately I cannot call it in my footer codeigniter view, I’ve got a

Class “GroceryCrud” not found

for codeigniter I use this
CodeIgniter <?= CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter::CI_VERSION ?>

is there a way to access the GroceryCrud class from a “generic” view?

many thanks!

Then can you try this?

<?php echo GroceryCrud\Core\GroceryCrud::VERSION; ?>

works like a charm!

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