Fieldtype dropdown displays empty with value 0

Hi, using GroceryCrudEnterprise 2.9.6:

		$crud->fieldType('role', 'dropdown', [
			'0' => 'User',
			'1' => 'Admin'

Works as intended in editing, but ‘0’ is empty on the column view. The table cell doesn’t display “User”, but is just empty. The dropdown filter seems to work fine.

I remember it working correctly before.

Also affects dropdown_search and multiselect-variants.

In html the content of gc-data-container becomes: <span>&nbsp;</span>

Is there any way to fix this?

I found the bug. It’s in \libraries\grocerycrud\enterprise\src\GroceryCrud\Core\State\StateAbstract.php line 823.

$columnValue = $columnValue ? strip_tags($columnValue) : "";
back to
$columnValue = strip_tags($columnValue);
seems to fix the problem.