fieldTypeColumn invisible not working

i am using Grocery CRUD Enterprise v3.0.10 , with CodeIgniter 4
i think there a bug when trying to make column invisible.

$crud->fieldTypeColumn(‘requiredDate’, ‘invisible’); not working the column still shown.
also $crud->fieldType(‘requiredDate’, ‘invisible’); also not working…
i think also on the example on the documentaion it is show the column (attached the snapshot)

Hello @CodeGC ,

You are right, I can reproduce the issue and this is a bug. I will try to fix it for the next version (3.0.11). For now as a work-around please use unsetColumns | Grocery CRUD v3 if you want to just remove some columns from the datagrid.


Hello @CodeGC ,

This is now fixed in the latest version (3.0.11) . You can download the new files from here: User's Page Login or here: User's Page Login

Let me know if that worked for you.


Thanks it’s working properly now


I’m having the same issue with 3.0.13


is it possible that the bug came back?
also, what’s the difference between hidden and invisible?


Hello @Phil ,

Please make sure that you have also cleared your cache. I have instructions of how to do that here: Delete App Cache (Google Chrome) | essensys Help Center

Please let me know if after removing your localStorage cache fixed the problem.

The difference between ‘invisible’ and ‘hidden’ is that ‘invisible’ is actually a field that is getting into the response of the API that Grocery CRUD is using. The frontend though is hiding it. For example it can be used for JavaScript callbacks.

On the other hand ‘hidden’ is not displayed at all in the API calls but it can be used for callbacks. For example to use it in callbackColumn | Grocery CRUD v3 or it can be used in callbackInsert where you would like to add insert a field that is not in the form.

If this confuses you, in short, more or less ‘invisible’ and ‘hidden’ for the user is exactly the same.


yes, it worked thanks :+1:
any way to “not caching” things while developing?
I was thinking about using something like

$string = bin2hex(openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(10));

only when I’m trying different things without keep clearing the cache every time.
any drawbacks other then not keeping column widths/visibility/filters between refresh?

Hello @Phil ,

You can add the configuration remember_state_upon_refresh to false and there will be no cache at all. Very good for development. If this is to false then in every refresh it will not store any data like filtering/columns/ordering… e.t.c.


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any hint on why setting the column type to “invisible” will correctly hide it but using “hidden” the column will show?
GCEnterprise 3.0.13