Flexigrid for Enterprise

Please make Flexigrid available in Enterprise, as it is a very different user experience than datatables and preferred by my end users.

Also, it would be nice to be able to easily import customized bootstrap themes. The v3, v4, and v5 options are all lousy. I want to use a smaller, minimalist theme and the skins available are all very large.

Hello @rothkj1022 and welcome to our forums :hugs:

For now Flexigrid is out of scope for skinning but we will (hopefully) have pretty interesting themes into version 3. More specifically:

  • bootstrap-v4
  • bootstrap-v5
  • materialize-v1
  • tailwindcss-v2

and we will also have a default theme without a CSS framework that will be based on bootstrap-v5 skinning. Now for the minimalistic approach, I agree so I am keeping a note on that :memo:.

If you are wondering how it comes that you haven’t heard about version 3 there is a blog article that I’ve created that explains pretty much everything about it: Grocery CRUD 2022 | Grocery CRUD

Thank you for the feedback by the way :grinning:


Thank you, Johnny. I knew you’d have a thoughtful answer. I’ve been using GroceryCrud for various projects over the past 10+ years and I’ve always been grateful for the tool itself and for the excellent support you and your fine community have offered. I was happy to finally contribute something back to you by purchasing the enterprise version of GC.

I’m happy that I still have the option to use both the community edition as well as enterprise in my projects. It would still be even better if the enterprise edition could do everything that the community edition can do plus the additional features all in one library. For instance, using setFieldUpload with the flexigrid theme.

Thank you for continuing to improve and support your excellent product.