Form height problem

Hello. I have problem with “setRelation” field. When i just have one or two input field that using setRelation (or fieldType enum), the form is not height enough to select the data in combobox

Like this image, i can’t see another option. And when i search with it, this is the result :

Can you help me @johnny ?

hello @heruprambadi
in my case
i add css min-heigt to modal

add this css code to default view of GC

        [class^="gc-form-fields-"] {
            min-height: 600px;

hello @johnny If the dropdown can be placed in front of the modal, it might be a better solution.


Thanks @nasrul . I did somethink like that too. But i think this solution should included in the next version of GCE, right @johnny ? :smiley:

Yeap, I agree :slight_smile: ! I will revisit that and let you know to see if I can include it at the next version.