Grocery Crud 2 manual installation


I have a problem with manual installation of Grocery CRUD into CodeIgniter 4.
I looked at manual installation help at
and GC is not working ( examples not work at all). I saw that in CI4 I need to set routes to launch examples but in manual its not mentioned …

Please tell me what exactly code I need to put in Routes to make Examples work fully?


Hello @adrian and welcome to our forums :slight_smile:

Is that a 404 page that you are getting? Can you please share what is not working for you?

If it is a 404 then the routes is the issue:

$routes->add('/example/customers', 'Example::customers');
$routes->add('/example/customers/(:segment)(/(:segment))?', 'Example::customers/$1/$2');

You will need to call /example/customers to open the page. Also make sure that you have correctly have your .env file as per my video:

If any of the above doesn’t work then please give us more information about the issue that you have.