Grocery Crud Enterprise - Edit on a page, not in the modal

Is it possible using the Enterprise edition to open the edit form in a single page, not in the modal? Thank you very much.

Hello @cleberkr ,

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but there is a configuration with name:

'open_in_modal' => true,

If you switch this into:

'open_in_modal' => false,

For example in Codeigniter 4 installation this file should live in: app/Config/GroceryCrudEnterprise.php

Yes, that was it! Thank. But is there a way to set that only for one crud, not in the default configuration?

I’m checking unsetAutoloadJavaScript | Grocery CRUD right now. I will update you if it works.

Hello @cleberkr ,

there is an easier way to do it from the PHP.

You can specify the configuration file per CRUD with the setConfig function. For more check the documentation here: setConfig | Grocery CRUD

I hope it helped and by the way… happy new year :grinning:

Excelent. That worked for me. Thank you very much!

Hey there are two topics that I still have no answer. Do you have any idea for them? Any workaround @johnny ?