How to replace "Close modal on save" text?

Right now, I want to change “close modal on save” to “single entry”, but I still can’t find a way to do that.

Anyone can show me how?

Thanks in advanced

Hello @xyz ,

I guess you are looking for setLangString so in your case you should do something like this:

$crud->setLangString('close_modal_on_save', 'Single Entry');

wow, I don’t realize that was so easy.

I just don’t know the list of strings that can be modified.

thank you again, @johnny

Hello @xyz

You can find it within the Core of Grocery CRUD Enterprise code but also from the JSON code at the initial response. I am copying it here:

  "i18n": {
    "subject": "Customer",
    "subject_plural": "Customers",
    "add_item": "Add {subject}",
    "edit_item": "Edit {subject}",
    "view_item": "View {subject}",
    "edit": "Edit",
    "view": "View",
    "action_delete": "Delete",
    "actions": "Actions",
    "print": "Print",
    "export_to_file": "Export",
    "quick_search": "Quick Search",
    "more": "More",
    "settings": "Settings",
    "columns": "Columns",
    "refresh": "Refresh",
    "clear_filtering": "Clear filtering",
    "clear_cache": "Clear cache",
    "columns_fit": "Hide columns to fit",
    "modal_save": "Save changes",
    "close_modal_on_save": "Close modal on save",
    "close_modal": "Close",
    "confirm_delete": "Are you sure that you want to delete this item?",
    "confirm_delete_multiple": "Are you sure that you want to delete those {items_amount} items?",
    "cancel": "Cancel",
    "paging_show_entries": "Show {paging} entries",
    "paging_displaying": "Displaying {start} to {end} of {results} items",
    "paging_filtered_from": "(filtered from {total_results} total entries)",
    "select_an_option": "Select an option",
    "select_some_options": "Select some options",
    "upload_attach_file": "Drop files to attach, or {browse_file}",
    "browse_file": "browse",
    "calendar_close_text": "Close",
    "calendar_prev_text": "Prev",
    "calendar_next_text": "Next",
    "calendar_current_text": "Today",
    "calendar_month_names": [
    "calendar_month_names_short": [
    "calendar_day_names": [
    "calendar_day_names_short": [
    "calendar_day_names_min": [
    "calendar_week_header": "Wk",
    "time_text": "Time",
    "time_hour_text": "Hour",
    "time_minute_text": "Minute",
    "time_second_text": "Second",
    "filtering_operator": "Operator",
    "filtering_and_statement": "AND",
    "filtering_or_statement": "OR",
    "filtering_text": "Filtering",
    "filtering_filter_text": "Filter",
    "filtering_remove_filters": "Remove filters",
    "filtering_filter_single": "Filter",
    "filtering_filter_plural": "Filters",
    "filtering_cancel": "Cancel",
    "filtering_add_more": "Add more",
    "filtering_remove_filter": "Remove filter",
    "filtering_contains": "contains",
    "filtering_starts_with": "starts with",
    "filtering_ends_with": "ends with",
    "filtering_equals": "equals",
    "filtering_not_equals": "not equals",
    "filtering_is_empty": "is empty",
    "filtering_is_not_empty": "is not empty",
    "filtering_greater_than": "greater than",
    "filtering_less_than": "less than",
    "filtering_greater_than_or_equal": "greater than or equal",
    "filtering_less_than_or_equal": "less than or equal",
    "filtering_has": "has",
    "filtering_does_not_have": "does not have",
    "error_generic_title": "Something went wrong!",
    "preview_as_html": "Preview as HTML",
    "preview_as_plain_text": "Preview as plain text",
    "clone": "Clone",
    "loading": "Loading...",
    "enter_x_or_more_characters": "Please enter {remaining_chars} or more characters",
    "reset_ordering": "Reset ordering"
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How To hid this option and make it by default , close on save , or is there any way to avoid the duplication on the data entry if there is no unique field in the list ?