Html tags not rendered in read modal

Hi, John!

Just to let you know that if we $crud->setRead() and have a field type set with $crud->fieldType('description', 'texteditor') then the Read Modal is showing all the HTML tags like this:

<p>Exclusive t-shirt.</p><p>Can be customized to your liking.</p>

But the Edit Modal properly shows the text editor. I think this is not the desired behaviour since I’m using 'xss_clean' => false.


Hello @bgeneto ,

This is the expected behaviour. In short it is showing the exact HTML that is stored into the database. Maybe at the future it will make more sense to have a button “Preview” or something like that, what do you think? So the user will press the button to show the Preview and see the formatted text. The main reason is that the HTML inside the read form may break the form width/height.


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