I want to create table creation function of database

I want to create a process that creates a database table

Can you suggest a function or method that I can refer to for extending a class or method?

For example, it is a function such as crateTable().

Functions of the front page can be implemented

Hi @seeart

When do you want to create the database table? Does it need to be included in a callback of GroceryCRUD? Kindly clarify.

Thanks! :blush:


What I want is the ability for admins to create and manage DB Tables.

Create an admin page and bring up the entire table in the database that manages DB Tables.

This code, presented as an example now, can load the created table.
$crud->setSubject(‘Customer’, ‘Customers’);

I’ve used CI3 to create a function that creates tables and connects relationships.
I created and managed a separate table that holds the information from the table.

I would like to use CI4 to create a more efficient system.

  1. CI4’s Forge Class
  2. CLI Class & Migration.

Can you suggest a way to manage tables more efficiently in Grocey?

Please understand that I use Google Translate because I am not good at English.