Installation "Challenges"

Hey Johnny,

Wow! Lots of great progress since I last updated/installed Grocery CRUD.

So after purchasing & downloading v3.0.3 I fell down a “rabbit hole” on the installation side that you may want to fix ASAP so others don’t do the same.

I was attempting to follow the Enterprise Installation Guide and ran into problems and then found the Code Igniter Installation Guide.

After thrashing around I could not solve the issue of the missing autoload.php called from the controller.

include(APPPATH . 'Libraries/GroceryCrudEnterprise/autoload.php');

So I went in search of said file - including downloading the non-composer ZIP. Not there either…

Hmm… Only then I stumbled upon the blog post mentioning the Installation Wizard (I would link but forum only allows 2 links…). But couldn’t find it linked or mentioned where it is at.

So first item you may want to fix is tell people that it is in the left menu of the client portal and/or link to it in the post. And probably put it in the welcome email that gives you the download links.

Had I started with the Wizard it would have saved me tons of time as it did finally work. Turns out the code it gave me was different than the code from the Installation web pages. (i.e. no issue with the autoload.php, etc.)

Second thing is both Installation Pages should either be removed or have a big “warning” at the top that these are out of date and point the user to the Wizard.

I hope this helps to make GC even better - let me know if you have questions.



Hello @iradave and first of all welcome to Grocery CRUD Forums :hugs:

First of all let’s start with the good news, I am very glad that you’ve find useful the wizard. The main purpose of the wizard was to see where people are struggling more and track it. So far from feedback it seems that it has actually helped so I am very honoured of that :grinning::medal_military:

Now about the installation guides you are absolutely right! I am trying to take baby steps every time and basically the installation guides just hasn’t been updated. Guilty :person_raising_hand:

I am keeping a note of all the issues that you’ve referred and I will try to fix all of them. You are right! People need to have a more obvious guidance of the suggested ways to install Grocery CRUD Enterprise such as the installation Wizard.

Maybe the first step would be to start with the warning as you said and see from there on how to have a better guidance on the installations guides.

I will keep you updated on this one.



Hi iradave,

I had exact problem today while installing. I’m still not sure where the autoload.php file is - currently I have commented out
// include(APPPATH . ‘Libraries/GroceryCrudEnterprise/autoload.php’);
in the CI4 Example.php Controller - and it all still works.

I went back through the Wizard and didn’t see any mention of the ‘autoload’ file or it’s correct path.

What did you end up doing?


Hi @NASCARGeek -

If you have the line shown with autoload.php your code isn’t the correct code. You have stale code - you need to download the most recent code from the Installation Wizard (which doesn’t contain this reference).

i.e. having the latest code fixes the problem as the reference isn’t there.

I hope this helps.