Installing in CI4 using Composer


I see in the documentation for enterprise it only gives example for Laravel. There is no help on each parameter in setting up composer.json file. E.g how do i setup the json for Codeigniter4?

Hello @murugappan and welcome to our forums :hugs:,

We don’t have currently a tutorial that is installing Grocery CRUD Enterprise with Codeigniter 4 via composer but for now, you can follow all the steps that we have here: Codeigniter 4 Installation | Grocery CRUD and once this is working you can follow the first steps on the documentation of how to install Grocery CRUD Enterprise with composer here: Installation guide | Grocery CRUD

The key change that you will do after that is simply removing the line:

include(APPPATH . 'Libraries/GroceryCrudEnterprise/autoload.php');

as this will be autoloaded from composer so this line is not required anymore. Once this is working you can also remove the folder Libraries/GroceryCrudEnterprise as well.

Hope it helped.