It posible connect with oracle DB?

How to connect with oracle database?

Hello @barrcode,

You can connect by having the driverName as: Oci8 at the database configuration file according to the documentation here: Introduction - laminas-db - Laminas Docs (Grocery CRUD Enterprise is using laminas DB)

An example could be:

private function _getDbData() {
        $db = (new \Config\Database())->default;
        return [
            'adapter' => [
                'driver' => 'Oci8',
                'host'     => $db['hostname'],
                'database' => $db['database'],
                'username' => $db['username'],
                'password' => $db['password'],
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excellent, yes i will try, thank you very much.

thanks man, I already added the functionality on adapter so that it can be implemented in oracle.