Laravel 8. I cant figure out Ooooops, something went wrong! If you can see this message, this is probably a misconfiguration in Grocery CRUD Enterprise!

I cant figure this problem. I checked my setup step by step seriously. But this error message showing constantly. Did you experienced to this problem so hard?

I’ve searched possible way to find solution. But couldn’t found. I cleared app cache but it didn’t help

Hello @amka19,

Just to make sure have you followed the instructions at this page?

I’ve created a video for common mistakes for Grocery CRUD. Although this is referring to community edition I believe that this will also help your problem. You can see the video here:

Also in case this is still not working can you please give me more information? For example have you copied correctly the assets folder and have you’ve checked that you have access to the assets folder. Usually the issue is with .htaccess not giving permissions to this folder.

This issue is basically that the assets folder is not configured correctly. Try the following:
Right click → View page source at your webpage and check the assets files. Click on one of the assets files of Grocery CRUD and check if this is opening. If not then try to check if the folder path is the correct one. If the folder path is the correct one then check maybe your htaccess file or your Apache is blocking the request.

If you still can’t find a solution please give us more information about your issue such as a page source of your CRUD page.

yes. i have copied assets folder to public. this is path which is i copied