Laravel version 8 not 10

i just downloaded recent ver of GC v 3.1.0

when i follow wizard steps to install GC v 3.1.0 i found Laravel version 8 not 10.
but it is written in download page Laravel 10
my question is is it a mistake or i can update to Laravel v. 10 by additional steps?


Hello @CodeGC ,

You are right! I haven’t realized that the command:

composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app --no-dev

Is giving me the version 8 because I run PHP 7.4 for the builds so I can support older versions of PHP.

I’ve fixed the issue now and it gets the latest. There is not anything extra to do, just download the current zip file (I have updated the download zip files). Initially everything was tested under Laravel 10.

I’ve changed my deployment scripts as well to correspond those needs.


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