Modify ADD and EDIT page

Hello, I need to find the add/edit php theme page like older version of Grocery Crud.
I need to insert some code into the add/edit page (not modal).
Where are they in the Enterprise version?

Up. Anyone can help?

In Grocery CRUD Enterprise version, the process of customizing the add/edit pages for your PHP theme is similar to the open-source version, but it may have some additional features and customization options. Here’s how you can find and modify the add/edit PHP theme pages:

Locate the Themes Directory: The themes directory in Grocery CRUD Enterprise version typically contains the themes and their associated PHP files. It’s usually located within the root directory of your Grocery CRUD installation.

Select Your Theme: Choose the theme you want to customize. Themes in Grocery CRUD are often located in subdirectories within the “themes” directory.

Find the Add/Edit PHP Pages: Within the selected theme directory, look for the PHP files that correspond to the add/edit pages. These files are often named something like “add.php” and “edit.php.” They are responsible for rendering the HTML forms and handling the CRUD operations.

Modify the PHP Files: Open the “add.php” and “edit.php” files in a code editor of your choice. You can insert your custom code into these files as needed to customize the appearance and functionality of the add and edit pages. Make sure to follow best practices for PHP coding.

Customize the HTML and JavaScript: Depending on your requirements, you may need to modify the HTML structure and JavaScript code within these PHP files to achieve the desired functionality. You can add your own HTML elements, scripts, and styles.

Save Changes: After making your customizations, save the changes to the “add.php” and “edit.php” files. program

Test Your Customizations: To ensure that your customizations are working as expected, test them by adding or editing records using the Grocery CRUD interface.

Hello. Thanks for help. I now download the GC 3.0.11 without composer. I cannot find the add.php and edit.php, neither the theme directory. Where are they?
In public/vendor there are only CSS, JS, Static and Icon. Not theme directory like in older version.
Thanks for help.

i remove the checkbox options-on-save - “Close modal on save”
modifying files in
try this way