More formatting options in text editor

Can I change the default text editor in GCE v3? I really need a text editor with better formatting options like e.g. paragraph alignment. Is there anything I can do to show such options in CKEditor?


I think you are now using Quill editor in v3, right @johnny? Could you please enable the alignment option for us in the next version?

modules: {
    toolbar: [
      [{ 'align': null}, {'align': 'center'}, {'align': 'right'}, {'align': 'justify'}],
      ['image', 'code-block']


@johnny How can we customize the Quill text editor presented in Grocery CRUD Enterprise modal dialogs (add, edit)?
I would like to add elements to the toolbar and load additional Quill modules…


Hello @bgeneto ,

That’s correct we are using Quill as text editor. Currently not able to customise it (I will keep in mind though to include the suggested changes that you’ve asked for - or include all of the elements that Quill elements anyway) but for now I want to create a documentation page of how to use your own texteditor.

@bgeneto is there any (free) texteditor that you use to see if I can guide you adding your favorite one?