Multiselect_searchable with multiple checkboxes to search from grid

When we use multiselect_searchable option, I think we should also have the option to search multiple values from grid. Currently we can select multiple while adding/editing but there is no such option exists while searching.
Any suggestion/thoughts/alternative?

Hello @kapilchugh ,

Although you are right that you can’t have a multiselect on the filter. You can on the other hand create your own filter by pressing the “Filter” button which actually can filter as a multiselect if you choose it multiple times. For example as per screenshot:

The only reason that I haven’t added the multiple search on the quick search or the filter is that it is much more complex for me to do that. Let me know if that work around worked for you.


I saw this, but I need to check/uncheck filters quite frequently. So creating filter every time will be a time taking thing.
Can you please guide if I have to build a multi select dropdown with checkboxes, how can I do that?