My Upload button doesnt show


i use set_field_upload but i dont see the upload button on add record and edit record

Hello @evan0014 and welcome to our forums :hugs:

From the code that I can see the field names are not the correct ones. They all need to be the ones that are from the database name and not the displayed ones. More specifically instead of having:

->fields('Barang', 'Harga', 'Deskripsi','Gambar');

should change to:

->fields('barang', 'harga', 'deskripsi','gambar'); 

(all lowercases)

same goes for the field_upload, instead of having:

->set_field_upload('Gambar', 'assets/uploads/poster');

you should have:

 ->set_field_upload('gambar', 'assets/uploads/poster');