New User Questions Before I Buy and Invest Time

Hi There,

New user here, I have been playing around with Grocery Crud for a day or two and have a crud up and running with xampp and ci4.

I am at a point where I need to decide if this frame work is right for my project before I purchase it so have many questions I am hoping someone will be able to give me some thoughts on?

  1. I have set up a crud with setRelation but in the gridview with the bootstrap-v5 theme the search on the relation fields does not work is this a limitation?
  2. Searching on a date field does not seem to work or is there something I have to configure to get this to work?
  3. In the edit form is there a way to set up the checkbox field type so that it is a single checkbox that is ether selected(enabled) or not selected(disabled) rather that it being represented as two checkboxes?
  4. In the edit form if I have a checkbox and I enable it can I use this to cause a date type field to be populated with the date? at this stage I just want to know if this is possible?
  5. The edit forms seem to be built as a long list of fields, is there anyway to add formatting to this to place them on the form in different layouts?
  6. In the data grid view can the column widths be adjusted per field to prevent longer text items in certain columns wrapping into multiple lines?
  7. Is it possible to link a user logged into the site to having an ability to edit or for another user only have the ability to view?
  8. I need a field in an edit form that offers a file chooser, this file chooser is not to upload the file but just to return the filename to the field, is this integration possible.

Again sorry for the list of questions, I just want to know basically if these things are possible before I dig in.


So I just went for enterprise and it resolved most of these things.