Performance Check .. Datatables vs Flexigrid

Simple question. When we have a huge amount of data in a single table in the database, which one has the best performance ? datatables or flexigrid ?


Flexigrid and bootstrap theme as they are loading just the data from the paging :slight_smile:

The datatables is loading all the data so usually after more than 1000 rows is getting too slow.


@johnny … so, how do you advise me to go about database with huge data?
I have built a great app in 2018, using GroceryCrud 1.x
But as soon as the data was getting huge, the app was getting slower and slower…

I did a trick of loading only the last two months of data,
And it got a bit better…

What best practices should be done in this case?

Hello @panv,

The main reason that I’ve created Grocery CRUD Enterprise is to change the way the data are loaded and to improve the performance of the database queries. So the best choice performance wise is to migrate to Grocery CRUD Enterprise.

If this migration is not possible for any reason (budget, too much time… e.t.c.) I would suggest to use one of the below themes:

  • flexgrid (free)
  • bootstrap v3 or v4 (under purchase)

that are using server side requests. If you are already using one of the above themes then there is not much you can do to be honest as the community edition had some performance issues that only with a big refactor you could change the default behaviour.

If on the other side you would like to give it a try and dive deeper, I would suggest you to use the set_model with the community edition. You can see more here: set_model | Grocery CRUD, a Codeigniter CRUD