Pre-format data before validation


I use CodeIgniter 3 and GroceryCrud Enterprise.
I couldn’t find any information about preformating data before it goes through Valitron.

This is to do some trimming as I would do it before on Community Edition when it used CodeIgniter validation.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @DavidBinaud I guess you are looking for and callbackBeforeInsert | Grocery CRUD functions. You can now also do the validation there and return a custom message, for example (copied from the documentation):

$crud->callbackBeforeInsert(function ($stateParameters) {
    if ($stateParameters->data['status'] === 'Rejected') {
          $errorMessage = new \GroceryCrud\Core\Error\ErrorMessage();
          return $errorMessage->setMessage("You can't add a Rejected status\n");

    return $stateParameters;

Hi, would this allow me to change the data before it goes through Valitron?

i don’t need to validate anything myself, just remove some extra spaces.