I have been using grocery crud since while and I have stuck into a problem.
When I try to add data into a table named “company”, the data is saved but message with blank page is shown

However, this page was working fine before and still other pages for other tables apart from this one are working.
I have added set_field or set_field_upload in my code. I was thinking that these might be creating a problem but problem still exists despite of commenting the set_field and set_field_upload.

This might be a common problem but I searched the forum and tried different solution including $crud->unset_jquery but have not found the solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @ankitl and welcome to our new forums :hugs:

Have you checked the video that I’ve created?

It pretty much explains how to debug your issue

Thanks Johnny. Your video has solved my problem for now.
Help Appreciated.

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