I think setActionButton have a bug, the last Boolean parameter (true or false) didnt opened any new tabs.

i want to open to new tab but it didn’t work.

i am using grocerycrud 3.10 codeigniter 4

Hello @CodeGC ,

You know how many times have I’ve tested this to make sure that it is working? And seems that you are right :sweat_smile:

Although it is working when it is in the dropdown list (e.g. ‘max_action_buttons’ => 2) it is working but when you are having it as a button (e.g. not a dropdown list) it won’t .

I will fix it for the next version 3.0.11 and I will let you know once this is available.

Thank you for the feedback :grinning:


Hello @CodeGC ,

This was also fixed for the latest version 3.0.11 that is released today :slight_smile:

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Thanks it’s working properly now :blush:

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