setRelation returns - We can't process the response of the server


I tested a simple relation on two tables. One table named tr with id as primary key, a truid field and a msg field. The other table named test-table for this example, has id as primary key, uuid and additional fields. I tried to set a relation for truid from tr table as setPrimaryKey(‘truid’,tr’) and setRelation(‘uuid’,‘tr’,‘msg’)
uuid is the key from the test-table to reference truid in the tr table. At least this is how I am interpreting the documentation. When I refresh the page I get We can’t process the response of the server… Without the setPrimaryKey and setRelation the test-table loads without any issues. I downloaded Version 3.09 but looking at the GroceryCrud.php file in the Core directory it say Version 3.0.0-beta.1. Not sure if this makes a difference? Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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