Show datagrid without any framework

Hi @johnny , i need your help, using gc without any framework.
The backend works great, it is more about the frontend.
Lets say i have some content, three buttons and a div especially for the datagrid. With each button i want to “select” a different table, and display the datagrid in the “gc-div”, without reloading the rest of the page. I can do it by reloading everything, and i guess using a controller and a view in codeigniter would do also, but i have the restriction to not use any framework.
What code should i use in the onclick of the buttons, to be able to send the datagrid to the div without having to reload the rest…
Thanks in advance for any hint

Hello @MarcVdB ,

Yes you can do that. It needs first steps for this.

  1. Use the setUniqueId function to have a uniqueId for each of your datagrids setUniqueId - Grocery CRUD - A PHP CRUD Generator Library let’s say:
  1. Now you can specify you can refresh your datagrid by having the below JavaScript call:

Considering that customers_1234 is the uniqueId you have provided in the first step.

The above code will refresh only the datagrid you have specified. I hope this helped.


Hi Johnny,
i think setUniqueId was the clue i was missing. Will have time this weekend to look at it.

In anyway, thanks for your quick response!

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