Show pagination footer only if necessary GCE 3.1.4

Hi everyone,
is it possible to show the pagination only if it is really necessary, i.e. if the total number of rows exceeds the default number per page? Right now i set the CSS-style of the class .gc-footer-134 to {display:none}, but there are two problems i have. First the class changes (nr at the end) and second i don’t know how to get the totalnumber of rows of the datagrid (better filtered number, because i use where clauses).
Thanks in advance for every hint and KR,

Hello @MarcVdB and welcome to our forums,

I will check it to see if there is an easy solution for that. In the meantime you can use the following CSS in order to solve your problem:

div[class^='gc-footer-'] {
    display: none;

Hi Johnny, thanks for the quick answer and also for this great piece of software you provide!
Your code solves my first problem :grin:
Now if you could find a solution to the second , that would be awesome.