[SOLVED] CKeditor and the text field


I’m Giuseppe and I have a problem…

I use Ckeditor for my text field but when i save the data, the text field on the db lost every characteristic like bold, and so on.

when i retrieve with my application, the same field, the content appears on a single line…

what am I wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @giuseppe ,

Although I can’t reproduce the issue that you are referring to this is probably something with Codeigniter 4 filters that you have with xss filtering?

In order to check that you don’t filter all your POST inputs, check the file: app/Config/Filters.php

The second blind guess would be that these are stored in the database with all the data (e.g. tags… e.t.c.) and you filter them when you are retrieving them on your application.

Maybe you are using strip_tags? Or any filtering method on your application?


Hello Johnny and thank you for the answer.

I don’t use Codeigniter 4 but the previous version, and no, I don’t use XSS filtering ( in config Codeigniter id deprecated).

… and no, I don’t use the strip_tag because is a simple Grocery crud … so I save my data in db and when I edit the data is not formatted.

Other ideas?

Thanks in advance

PS: I use XSS in CG config… (sorry)… I updated config a FALSE and CKeditor… save correct… Thanks @johnny !!

I am glad that you could found the solution to your problem (xss_clean = false in Grocery CRUD config)

I was confused because this was under “Grocery CRUD Community Edition” category. I will change it.