[SOLVED] Column character limiter

In the config file if I try to change the value to 100 or 0 (no limit) nothing change in my grid.
Does I made something wrong ?

P.S. : My column in SQL is a text, the entry is a loremipsum from 300 characters… all I have in my grid is :
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicin. (50 characters by default)

Hello @cybernicois ,

First of all this is the very first post at this forum so welcome and I hope this forum will be more active and with less spam :crossed_fingers:

I’ve checked the issue that you are referring to and you are right. Actually the column_character_limiter is working (the characters are not actually cropped) but on the other side the CSS is cutting the letters as I have the below lines:

.gc-data-container-text {
    overflow: hidden;
    max-width: 350px;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;

So in order to fix the issue you can add those lines extra at your CSS:

.gc-data-container-text {
    overflow: visible !important;
    max-width: none !important;

This is not referenced at the documentation so I will try to:

  1. Update the documentation with this information
  2. When the user adds the 0 column character limiter to apply this rule automatically so we will not have to suggest this work-around anymore

Let me know if that fixed the problem and Welcome again :hugs:


Yes it works, didn’t see that the text was there but hidden :slight_smile:
Currently the choice of unlimited characters is not a good thing because everything will appear on 1 line unless we add too :

 white-space:normal !important;
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Yes, it needs a little bit of investigation that’s why it wasn’t straight forward. I remember having some issues with the horizontal scrolling with normal white-space. I don’t remember though. That’s why I will investigate a bit more on that before adding any extra code. For now this work-around will work for you :wink:

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Your are right, I’ve just edited the css and get this :

.gc-data-container-text {
    overflow: hidden !important;
    max-width: none !important;
    max-height:100px !important;
    white-space:normal !important;

So my “long text” is on 4 lines only

You can play around with what fits to your CRUD. You can always also have the:

overflow: auto;

as an option to have a scrollbar for a big text if it looks ok with you.