Sorting disabled when setRelation is enabled

Hi Johnny,

I just noticed that on my previous GroceryCrud 1.x I was able to sort the columns even if I had a relation enabled in them, but now using GC Enterprise if I use setRelation I lose that ability?

How do I get it back?

Thank you so much

Hello @gabe152006 ,

Yes, this was removed from Grocery CRUD Enterprise for performance reasons. I will try to explain in more details when I will find the time.

Currently there is no work-around to have ordering with setRelation, sorry. I will investigate to see if I can have a future configuration for that so we can have the ordering for setRelation.


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Hello @johnny,

Yes please, it was a super important feature to be able to sort the column with or without a relation table attached to it.

When you have time if you can explain in more detail maybe we can find a workaround for it!

Thank you so much