Subject as title of Datagrid

I was a little puzzled why the string set by setSubject doesn’t appear anywhere on the flexgrid list page except as part of the add field (if setAdd is true). It seemed to me it should be used as a title somewhere. There’s this nice collapsible feature for the grid. If you collapse the grid it seems like something should tell you what the subject was.

There’d a div on top of the grid in the list_template.php file with the class ftitle that encloses a  

                <div class="ftitle">

Unless I’m missing something, that &nbsp; sure seems like the place the $subject should go.

Or better yet,

<?= ($total_results == 1) ? $subject : $subject_plural ?>

I can’t blame this on 1.x → 2.x lossage as the same template is used in v1.x. This just seems like
a missing feature. If this was an open source community project, I’d push this into the community edition.