The software does not work for CI4?

I bought the software sometime ago and I am only using it now due to heavy commitment. I downloaded the latest enterprise version without composer (version 2.9.6) and I found that the installation instruction for Codeigniter 4 does not work. I could get up to the page where it shows “customers” but when i click the link it gives me a 404 error with the message “Can’t find a route for 'get: example/customers”.

After some modification (code was wrong too), I managed install the github version “GitHub - scoumbourdis/grocery-crud-codeigniter-4” and got it working. Unfortunately, I paid for the Enterprise Version and its not working, installation instruction not working and items in the zip file do not match the instructions too.

I am not sure what to do next. I wonder the software or the installation instructions have been tested before publishing???

Please advise.

Hello @murugappan and welcome to our forums,

I am sorry about your bad experience with Grocery CRUD Enterprise. Indeed the installation instructions has been tested multiple times before publishing. In fact there is also a video tutorial about it:

I believe the main issue that you have though is with the routes. I think the main difference (which I haven’t updated the documentation for that sorry) is that starting from Codeigniter 4.2 and later they’ve changed the default routing from “auto” to “off”. That means that the magic with your controllers will not work out of the box. In order to change that open your project at:


And at around line 28 uncomment the line:

// $routes->setAutoRoute(false);

and change it to:


This should work for you for now. I will try to also update the documentation and the package that we have online since it doesn’t correspond to the Codeigniter 4.2 update. In short, I will include the extra routes that you need for every CRUD so you can work with the new defaults of Codeigniter 4.


Also I’ve updated the documentation: Codeigniter 4 Installation | Grocery CRUD with an extra step:

Step 6. Change the routes to correspond to your controller

Since Codeigniter 4.2.0 or later the Routing is not defaulting to auto-routing. This means that you will need to add the routes manually. Go to app/Config/Routes.php and add the below code for every function that is using grocery CRUD:

// Make sure that you always add get and post functions
$routes->get('/example/customers', 'Example::customers');
$routes->post('/example/customers', 'Example::customers');

I hope this will work for you.


I have corrected the routes in non-enterprise version which i downloaded from the main page. It worked but the output format does not match what is shown (CSS formatting) and also the function buttons do not work either. The enterprise version does not seem to work similarly. Also, I think your video is may be outdated. The contents of the enterprise version in the latest zip does not match your video or the installation guide.

Please verify the contents of the enterprise zip matches with installation guide.

Hello @murugappan ,

I double checked the tutorial plus the files and I understand where the confusion is. In the tutorial we are downloading the file with name “Without composer” and not the “with Codeigniter 4”

This is confusing and to be honest for Grocery CRUD version 3 I am trying to come up with a slightly different page (once we have all sorted out I may need your help here :smile:)

Now I understand also that there are lot of steps and sometimes we are very close to the solution and so far at the same time.

Can you please attach a screenshot of what you see when you try to load Grocery CRUD Enterprise and we can take it from there?


Honestly sir, I am already tired of trying to test your product. I spent nearly a week and got nowhere. I am sorry i will not be able to discuss in the slack due to my heavy work schedule. Besides, the slack conversations will strenuous as basic problem here is that the CI4 installation guide does not match with contents of any of the downloads. Suggestion: please put all the components and guide for CI 4 in one location and ensure its all tested with guide like a newbie. Also a provide a “composer add…” install, if possible, which will enure that all components are installed in the right location and configured. Until this is resolved and tested at your end, i am sorry to say i have to suspend any work on this product and may have to look elsewhere.

Please accept my apologies on the my strong comment and i am sure you will understand my frustration.

Hello @murugappan ,

I am really sorry to hear that. I really do :disappointed: Of course I understand though. As I alway say, we all have bosses and deadlines and unfortunately I am not an exception either!

Grocery CRUD is in fact designed for being easily installed from newbies. Grocery CRUD Enterprise requires some more steps due to the nature that it supports multiple frameworks.

I will not start with any excuse of why the installation needs a better documentation for Codeigniter 4. Of course they are reasons behind it but it will not help at the current situation. Keep in mind that I’ve already changed the installations for Grocery CRUD Enterprise version 3 that I am working at the moment to release it to Enterprise users the soonest possible. The way that you install it for CI 4 and Laravel 9 will be with as less steps as possible. In fact Laravel 9 supports many out of the box commands to create and install third-party libraries. I want to do a research to see if there are several tools for Codeigniter 4 as well. I hope I will find some tools there as well since composer is really helping on the installations.


Hi Johnny,

Thank you for the update. Perhaps i should just wait for the version 3.

With regards to CI4, please allow me to provide my views and feedback.

(1) CI4 is really not a perfect framework and from understanding of the software, it does not intend to either. Therefore, it provides all the functionality and classes at the middle level between PHP and Laravel.
(2) Laravel is an overloaded monster with a heavy learning and too much complexity. Due to this Laravel has no choice but to provide many commands (mostly using the artisan) to install third-party libraries. In fact, vue 3 and nuxt 3 maintain a much more simple architecture as compared to Laravel.
(3) On CI side, while its good to have these tools, i would not want them as in Laravel. The installation instruction as you have provided for CI is so simple and easy for any newbie. The only problem is it is not working as it should. I have integrated alpinejs, quasar and tailwindcss into CI4 without any hassle while i struggled with Laravel especially when i hit any snag.

I will wait for the version 3 of Grocery-Crud.

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