Using or where in GCEnterprise

Hello. How to use or where in GCEnterprise ?
like this one.

I guess there is no direct way but this is how I am using it.

$conditions['( (status = ? or status = ?) AND entry_allowed_to >= ? OR (status = ?) )'] =  ['Submitted', 'Completed', $todayEndtime, 'TEMP'];

Yes, there is a direct way. I solve this problem using this :

$crud->where(['parameter' => array('aa', 'bb', 'cc', 'dd')]);

I think this should be included in the documentation.

Oh wow. I honestly didn’t know any of the above examples of @kapilchugh and @heruprambadi and I was about to provide a more complicated example.

I have added both in the official documentation here:

Thank you for the responses/requests :slight_smile: