V3 Beta multiple select box - bug?

in v3 Beta I can’t hide the multiple select box, therefore also the delete button can’t be hide.


is this a (known) bug or my mistake?


Hello @thoms3n and welcome to our forums :hugs:,

No this was a bug that I haven’t realised and it is now fixed to the latest version beta.6. You can download it from the user’s page. We did also update the wizard as well.

Thank you for reporting this so we can make our product better :grinning:


Hi Johnny,
thank you very much for the quick response.
Is it intentional that the line is displayed although all features are hidden?

Cheers, Thomas

Hello @thoms3n and thank you for your feedback,

I guess this is the case when you’ve disabled all the searches right? This is how it is also on version 2 and I didn’t had any similar report so never saw this scenario. I will try though to see if I can remove the line at this particular case.


Hello @thoms3n ,

This was also an easy fix and it is now fixed at the latest beta version 7 :slight_smile:

Also since you are not using any tools at the table, maybe you would also be interested to use the new function defaultColumnWidth.

For example:

$crud->defaultColumnWidth('customer_name', '500px');


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Thanks @johnny
Works like a charm!