Welcome to our new Grocery CRUD Forums 🤗

Welcome to our new Forums for Grocery CRUD Community and Grocery CRUD Enterprise :hugs:

Heya :wave: I am John author of Grocery CRUD and I am proudly welcoming you to our new forums that is powered by Discourse.

Make yourself comfortable and don’t be shy to ask any question about Grocery CRUD. Our community was always a really friendly community so don’t hesitate to ask your question even if you feel that its kind of too project specific.

In order to get help and get an answer to your question, we have made a list of rules that will help you get an answer faster and to keep this forum active and friendly:

  • Be kind and friendly when you ask a question. We get it! It sucks when it comes to bugs and if you combine it with a bad day then boy oh boy! However, we believe that you are better than that :smiley:. Take a minute or two to rephrase your paragraph to have a more gentle note when you ask a question.
  • Be precise with your question/issue. Prefer having a description with the expected results that you’ve wanted to have. And also make sure that you have a question to your post or else it may be confusing.
  • Add as many details as possible. Although this is self-explanatory let’s give an example! Rather than saying “setTable doesn’t work” try to add some more info to your issue. Maybe your Controller function will help or even sometimes your table structure. Remember that you may not be the only one having the issue so adding as much details as possible will help you and the others to understand the problem better. There is a very good article at stackoverflow of How do I ask a good question?. It is not a coincidence that stackoverflow is the no1 website for searching answers. It is simply because people are asking good questions :wink:
  • Say thank you and don’t forget to share the solution that you’ve found. This warm feeling when your problem is solved is good to also share it with others. Feeling gratitude is great and sharing this gratitude is even better.

Let’s cross our fingers :crossed_fingers: and let’s hope that this forum will be the best forums we’ve ever had.