Where is TinyMCE?

I was using TinyMCE because CKEditor has lots of backsides (A LOT!).
What is the procedure to have it back in the enterprise edition? (I’m using Codeigniter 4).


I’m answering myself: thanks to @johnny I’ve reached a point that I can load a custom texteditor, it works weirdly on ADD and EDIT too. I have to click on “Save” at least two times, like the text I write into the editor is not written until something is sent.
Is that clear or I missed something?

The problem is that when I edit a field into this custom texteditor (TinyMCE for instance), the data is not written until I click at least two times on the Save button. What should be the issue? I’ve resolved tons of problems, trying to create a library that helps everyone of you guys to achieve the same result without any hassle (I will make a GitHub project for this, but it has to work!).

Thanks for any help you will do with this issue.

Hello @portapipe ,

First of all thank you for sharing this and thank you that you had it a look. Although I can understand why this is happening this is not the normal behaviour.

The problem is probably that the editor is trying to load very early. I remember I had these kind of issues and I had a work-around with having a setTimeout in JavaScript for the initial loading. The problem is that the textearea tag doesn’t have a width yet so it is kind of difficult to see how it will apply it. For example if your code looks like this:


Try to have something like this:

setTimeout(function () {
}, 1000);

I hope this helped.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I’ve already tried the setTimeout without success.
If this can help, the first time you save the Add form and the custom texteditor is a required field, the “field required” error is shown, and without changing a thing and just clicking again on the Save button so it’s saved correctly.
Is like the texteditor does not consider the content. Is that possible?

UH! I’ve made a Jodit version of the same texteditor (it’s pretty simple to setup now, the project will be quite easy to use!). Jodit works! TinyMCE seems to have some sort of delay issue on updating the textarea with the correct name. We should make it work thoug!

Hey @portapipe it needs a bit of debugging as it is weird.

Can you share the JavaScript code (e.g. the callbacks) that you use for TinyMCE? Some people are telling me that I have magic eyes and with a simple look I can magically fix the problem they have :sparkles: :slight_smile:

i have also face same issue and tried the setTimeout but no success.. .